Windows Server 2008: Reset admin password

Windows Server 2008 reset admin password

1. Boot from the Micrsoft Windows Server 2008 DVD
2. From the Install Windows menu, click “Next”
3. select “Repair your computer”
4. In the System Recovery Options, select the Operating System instance that you wish to repair and click “Next”.
5. Select “Command Prompt”. 
6. At the command prompt, run the following commands from the disk where windows is installed: 

cd windows\system32
ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old
copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe

7. Reboot the server allowing Windows to load as normal
8. At the logon screen, press Windows Key + U.

9. As the command prompt, enter the following command:
net user administrator New_PASSWORD

Log into the server with New_PASSWORD

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