Plesk Installation on Linux

For the installation to complete without any issues, a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FDQN) has to be set.
You may refer to our Knowledge Base item on changing domain names to help you configure one.

Download the plesk installer


Make the just downloaded script executable

chmod +x ./plesk-installer

Launch the installer

sh ./plesk-installer

You'll now be going through the installation wizard.
- Press to proceed with the installer
- Press to proceed with the selected version number.
If you require a specific Plesk version, cancel the current installation and restart it whilst appending '--all-versions' (sh ./plesk-installer --all-versions)

The wizard will ask which components to install. Unless specified by the client, you may opt for the 'typical' option, which is default.
- Press F again after selecting the installation type, and again to install all the packages.

This would be the last step before Plesk is installed, and may now be navigated to via the web interface to finalize configuration.
Either copy the URL provided in the terminal which includes an admin key, or simply navigate to the plesk web interface via the URL below and log in as root.
https://<public IP address>:8443

Either way, you will be forced to provide contact information, set a new admin password and provide the license key.
Simply provide the customers provided name and e-mail address, generate a password and enter the license key if the customer has purchased one.

The Plesk installation has now been completed.
You can either leave further configuration up to the client, or configure this for them when requested for.

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