How to use the LSI STORcli Utility

This guide will tell you how to install and work with LSI's STORcli utility, used to control and configure LSI controllers such as the SAS 3108/3008 for our Huawei servers or the LSI 9211-8i among others.

- Download for every OS:


The zipfile would have to be unzipped, after which you can locate the correct installation file for your Operating System.


- Add rpm/deb

rpm -ivh <StorCLI-x.xx-x.noarch.rpm>
dpkg -i <StorCLI-x.xx-x.noarch.deb>
ln -s /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64 /usr/bin/storcli

- Usage Information / syntax:

/c0 = Controller
/vx = Virtual Drive Number
/ex = Enclosure ID
/sx = Slot ID

- Useful examples

Keep in mind the following syntax only works if you have created a symbolic link to the exec file or an alias, exec location: /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64

## Controller commands

# Show all information

storcli /c0 show all

# Show all present controllers and disks

storcli /c0 /eall /sall show

# Flashing Controller Firmware Command

storcli /c0 download file=filepath [fwtype=<value>] [nosigchk] [noverchk] [resetnow]


## Physical Drive commands

# Show all physical drives

storcli /c0/eall/sall show

# Clear foreign configuration

storcli /cx /ex /sx set good

# Locate Drives 

storcli /c0[/ex]/sx start locate
storcli /c0[/ex]/sx stop locate

# Rebuild drives 

storcli /c0[/ex]/sx pause rebuild
storcli /c0[/ex]/sx resume rebuild
storcli /c0[/ex]/sx show rebuild
storcli /c0[/ex]/sx start rebuild
storcli /c0[/ex]/sx stop rebuild

# Show all rebuilding drives

storcli /c0 /eall /sall show rebuild


## Virtual Drive commands

# Show virtual drives

storcli /c0/vx show all

# Delete virtual drives 

storcli /c0/vx|vall del
storcli /c0/vx|vall del cachecade
storcli /c0/vx|vall del force

# Change virtual drive properties 

storcli /c0/vx set accesspolicy=<rw|ro|blocked|rmvblkd>
storcli /c0/vx set cachedbadbbu=<on|off>
storcli /c0/vx set iopolicy=<cached|direct>
storcli /c0/vx set name=<namestring>
storcli /c0/vx set pdcache=<on|off|default>
storcli /c0/vx set rdcache=<ra|nora>
storcli /c0/vx set security
storcli /c0/vx|vall set ssdcaching=<on|off>
storcli /c0/vx set wrcache=<wt|wb|awb>

Refer to the LSI official reference manual for STORcli for more in-depth commands.

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