Upgrading Firmware LSI RAID Controllers

1. First we need to boot the server to a OS, for example a CentOS 7 live CD.

2. Storcli is needed to flash the firmware. Install storcli on the server 

yum install ./*storclifile*

This file can be downloaded directly from Intel's website (direct link)

3. Download the latest firmware for the controller (always get the file from the official website):

SAS 9260-4i / 9260-8i / 9260DE-8i / 9261-8i

5. Unzip the downloaded file. You can use unzip for this.

yum install -y unzip

4. Now we are going to check the controller ID. Storcli command to show installed controllers:

Where c0 is the controller ID of the first controller card and 'c1' the second card.

/opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64 /c0 show all

5. Now we are ready to flash the controller. 

storcli /cx download file=<controller firmware name>

where x is the controller number, and <controller firmware name> is the name of the file downloaded from

storcli /c0 download file=ASD_FW_SAS_NMR1.7_7MB_Patch1.rom

Sample output:

Download Completed.
Flashing image to adapter...
Controller = 0
Status = Success
Description = F/W Flash Completed. Please reboot the system for the changes to take effect

Current package version = 23.13.0-0045
New package version = 23.24.0-17

6. Reboot the server after the flashing is done.

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