Upgrading Firmware Intel X710-DA2

Updating the firmware of the Intel X710-DA2 is best done via EFI - as it doesn't run into any dependency or driver issues performing the update.
Underneath the steps required to be able to upgrade the NIC to it's latest firmware via EFI.

At the current time of writing, latest firmware is version 6.01, which can be downloaded from the Intel website. (direct link)

Either unzip the files directly to a USB device, or to a local folder on your workstation.
The update can be done fully remotely on HP servers due to the ability to mount folders via iLO/  (.NET client only - Java does not support this)

Thus, either mount the folder via iLO, or place the unzipped folder onto any storage device, which could be a USB device or any hard drive accessible via EFI.

To be able to perform the firmware update, we'll first have to drop into the EFI Shell

F9 to enter System Utilities -> Embedded Applications -> Embedded UEFI Shell

Navigate to and start the updater.

fs0: (may alter depending on the location the files are located on - this is valid for a USB device or iLO mounted folder)
cd XL710
cd EFI2x64

Select the NICs you wish to upgrade by inputting the numbers provided by the software.
Multiple can be done at once by seperating them via commas. (e.g. 01,02,03)

Backing up the NVM image is optional, and will not work on read-only filesystems, which would include iLO mounted folders.

After the firmware update has finished for the first time, another run will be required to completely finalize the firmware upgrade.
This means you will have to reboot the server and start all over again.

You may verify the current version of the firmware by simply running the nvmupdate64.efi utility.

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