HP DL120 Gen6 fan issue after firmware upgrade

When updating the firmware of an HP DL120 G6 chassis you may encounter the server no longer going through post correctly with error messages regarding fan speeds. The reason this happens is because of a firmware bug, which only surfaces when updating firmware in the wrong order.

The correct firmware upgrade order is as follows:

You will need to downgrade the BIOS and/or iLO again to be able to upgrade them in the correct order. This might take a few attempts as it will not get through POST successfully the majority of the times. 

Using a jumper to enable BMC recovery mode (jumper 27) on the motherboard might help getting through POST successfully.

To summarize the solution:

1. Set jumper 27 to state "Recovery BMC"
2. Downgrade BIOS to older version
3. Downgrade iLO to older version
4. Set jumper 27 back to normal
5. Update iLO to the latest version
6. Update BIOS to the latest version

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